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Churnback let your fight the unfair chargebacks customers files once in a while we even help you recove what is lost, through our global collection network.

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No more chargeback friendly fraud!

Chargebacks are costly, it si lost revenue and you get fined and need to spend time fightning them. They are unfair and in many times the customers just didn’t feel like cancelling and found a chargeback to be easier. We help you fight it through automation and collection the lost business revenuce through collection processes. Our collection efforts are global and it is by No Cure no Pay!

Global Collections

When a customer refuses to pay their bill, you got two choices to forgive them or simply press one button and our global collections network will receover the lost revenue for you.

Chargebacks Sucks

Sometimes customers they feel they deserve a refund or they simply forgot about your service and the make a chargeback with their Bank. This is costly for your business and considered friendly fraud. With Churnback you can easily fight Chargebacks from the system and make it easier to win the cases.

Win your Chargeback or send to Collection

Banks tend to give their customer the benefit of the doubt and when it happens your only choise is to press the button send to collection, to receover the lost revenue. Churnback enables you to fight "friendly fraud and chargebacs" by a single click.

Salestools reduced involuntary churn. And recovered over $100K+ the first quarter they Joined Churnback.

96 percent increase in revenue

8 percent reduction in Churn

347 percent increase in unpaid bills collected

Jesper Qvist
CEO & Founder

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Churnback make sure your customers pay on time increases your revenue through automation and fight back chargebacks by automation and a global network.